Are you buying right now?

We are currently NOT buying during the month of August.

We will be buying fall/winter items again starting September 1st. 

Please check out appointment booking system to get a head-start on an appointment and find all the details: 



How does selling to you work?

Sellers need to drop off a bag of their items to us at Logan/Queen street in Toronto. The bag should be clearly labelled with their full name and contact information. 

Sellers are paid out 30% of the resell value within 2 weeks via e-transfer for the things that we are able to take. The things we cannot take can either be picked back up within 7 days or they are donated to a variety of hand picked places in Toronto, such as BirthMark, New Circles Community Centre or other places.

No pressure, but if you wish, you can request to have your payout donated instead.

If you are interested in selling to us, please book an appointment here: https://calendly.com/lodestore/sell 

I'm not happy with an order. Can I return it?

Unfortunately, all of our items are final sale only. We encourage you to pass it on to someone else in your community - either through a buy and sell group or as a freebie. 

What is your free local delivery zone?

We deliver free, no minimum purchase all over Toronto. For us, this means from O'Connor to Lakeshore, from Kipling to Rouge River. Deliveries happen weekly on Wednesdays/Thursdays for the East End and Fridays for Central/West End - and you receive a text when your order is delivered.

To access this, please make sure you select the "Local Delivery" option when checking out.

If you are in Toronto, but slightly outside these zones, please email or message me on Instagram. I could possibly work out a free local delivery anyway. 

I'm not in Toronto. Will you ship to me?

Currently, we are able to ship anywhere in the USA and Canada. Shipping is free if you make a purchase over $60. Otherwise, there is a $12 flat fee for shipping.

Is the quality of gently used items any good?

Yes! We spend a lot of our time ensuring that everything we carry is in excellent used condition. This means that there are no stains or rips, no pilling or discoloration. In some cases, we will also launder or steam things if needed.

Are you allergen-free?



Unfortunately, because we are a second-hand store that buys items from local community members, we cannot verify if our items are allergen-free or not. For our part, we don't allow pets or food inside the Lode Store studio. However, we cannot confirm whether pets or food have touched the items prior to getting here. For this reason, we ask you to wash everything before wearing it or using it for the first time. 

Why do you have new things in your store?

This is part of our ongoing efforts to decrease fashion waste. Rescue items are generally ones that are bought from the official vendor overstocks or store closings, in an attempt to pass on some savings to you! They are often things from a previous season. It helps both fund our business overall and also get new items to you at a discounted price. We encourage you to pass it on to someone when you're done with them - to keep reusing.

What are "upcycled" things?

We sometimes come across items that are stained, ripped or otherwise unusable. We believe that donations should be in excellent used condition, similar to the things we sell in store. So instead of throwing them out, we have our tailor friends mend the items or in some cases, turn them into other things! This helps us divert fashion waste further. 

You never answered my question.

Please send me an email at hello@lode.to and I will get to your question! Thanks.