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Lode Store  Owner
I'm Nyla Obaid, the founder of LODE store. I live in Leslieville, east of downtown Toronto-  with my two little humans, and my two big cats.  I like being a part of this community, but I'm also never shy to push the neighborhood to do better for one another.
I grew up thrifting out of necessity, years before it was "cool." I spent years learning how to spot high quality, timeless, secondhand pieces... and when my kids were born - I knew I was going to do the same for them. I have a 4 year and a 2 year old, who have always dressed in pre-loved clothing and shoes. When I shopped for my kids though, I often struggle find things that are gender inclusive (especially for my little boy who loves dresses), well-made and makes the kids happy to wear them. And so - LODE was born. This is a one-person venture as of now, so please be patient if I mess up! 
If you want to reach out to me with questions, comments, or compliments - you can email me directly at