Low Waste Packaging


In general for local pickups and deliveries, I will use packaging that I already have on hand. For example, I might use an old plastic grocery store bag, retail store paper bag, large Ziplock bag, old newspapers, or previously used poly mailers. I will try my best to make sure your order stays clean and dry, but given the upcoming winter, this cannot be guaranteed. If there are any issues with this, please let me know and I'm happy to return or exchange items for you.

If you want new packaging (such as for a special gift), please specify this in the checkout box and I will be sure to do this.




To access this option, type in NO PACKAGE in the special instructions for seller box at checkout.

If you select this option, I will bring your order without packaging. You are expected to leave a LABELLED plastic grocery bag, large Ziplock bag, cloth bag paper bag, or cardboard/plastic box WITH A LID in your mailbox/porch/apartment door for me to put your clothing into. Please label the bag or box clearly with the words LODE so I know where to put your order.

NOTE that if you select this option, you are taking full responsibility for any staining or weather-related damage that might happen to your order. I will try my best to make sure your order stays clean and dry, but given the upcoming winter, this largely depends on the type of bag you have.

 Because of time constraints, I will not be able to bring your order with no packaging if you do not type this in right at checkout (so please don't send me a request afterwards).