Khalida and the Most Beautiful Song by Amanda Moeckel

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Gently used. HARDCOVER.

Notes: Good for ages 3-7. Featuring BIPOC main character. 

An inspiring story of creative pursuit for determined children
When a song whispers in Khalida's ear late one night, she is determined to catch it. But the next day, no matter how hard she tries, bad timing and a busy schedule get in the way of her creative pursuit. Khalida longs for time to sit at the piano and make her own music and refuses to give up on her quest. When she finally succeeds, we discover the power of a captivating melody. Readers will relate to Khalida's overscheduling frustrations as well as her joy as inspiration becomes art. Lush watercolor art showcases how one girl's determined pursuit of an idea rewards us all with the enduring magic of a beautiful song.