Rafa Was My Robot by Alexandra Dellevoet

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*Good for ages 4-8. Hardcover, like new. Introduces death. 

A gentle tale of love, friendship, and loss.

Rafa the robot goes everywhere with Jacob—to swim lessons, to school, and even on trips to far-off places. One day, Rafa doesn’t feel well, so Jacob takes him to the doctor. When the doctor explains that Rafa’s special robot battery needs replacing, Jacob travels the world to find the right one. Sadly, he comes back empty-handed, and one day soon after, as Jacob holds Rafa’s hand, his robot friend dies. Jacob is heartbroken, but he creates a memorial that helps him honor Rafa so that he is always close by.

This quietly moving picture book will help young children through the difficult process of losing someone or something they love. Without diminishing the pain of losing a loved one, Rafa Was My Robot conveys a comforting message that by keeping them in your heart, they are never far away.

With touches of whimsical humor, the softly colored illustrations on a sunny yellow background provide a warm and reassuring backdrop to this poignant story. Parents and educators will find it an invaluable resource when trying to explain death to young children.