The Stepmonster by Joanna Nadin [NEW]


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A funny and poignant story, exploring children's anxieties about relationships and changing family dynamics with warmth, sensitivity, and wit.

Tom knows all about stepmothers from the books he's read. They do all sorts of horrible things. In fact, they aren't really stepmothers at all. They are StepMONSTERS! So when his dad's new friend Lulu comes to tea, Tom is convinced she will turn out to be a stepmonster.

She might not look like a stepmonster. (Her hair looks like it's been spun from gold.) And she might not act like a stepmonster. (She likes all of the same things that Tom does – manatees, moles, and playing Snap for hours.) But maybe that's just her clever disguise . 

Notes: Highlighting different family dynamics.

Good for 4-8 years old..